"Eazy 1, 2, 3" lyrics - EAZY-E

"Eazy 1, 2, 3"

A typichal street Corner ass nigga
Once a nigga always a nigga now a public figure, but I still serve a muthafucka if I have too 'cause I slanging them thangs nigga. I roll deep with the crew oh oh possy nigga's cutting dope murder shit wrote for the EAZ-E fool, fuck with the better ran, still a better man than the next man, and again. I can still put a crown?? to your dome. pow nigga pow nigga know the bone, jippie ja jee
Ya ass back the fuck on home, say the fuck up the charma crack you just ain't know

My definition of a bitch nigga, aww shit, get pistol with, need to sit down when he piss, 'cause I beat em treat em fuck em like 1 2 3, the legend of gangsterrap is Eazy-E. still gangsta ruthless, leaving muthafucka's toothless. I was?? before I do this. a nigga gone, I guess I see you at the crossroads, a nigga with an attitude, my name from last month

I meet em treat em fuck em eazy 123
We meet em treat em fuck em eazy 123 [2x]

Thats where the streets hits the radio, and give the love like he supposed to, y'all don't wanna death in the studio, another scandel for me I got??. Raised my 64 11 on the roll, bang, Los Angeles slang, like a double barrel, E?? in da game. Big?? ya ass see smoke glower, now fucking with legends Eazy with a weapon, cash is trading killer cross-over, jump in the game, bitches?? my name, violent reporter the streets out of order. Projects corner and gangster??, I hit blocks of a double-shot, show my face on the block I give a fuck about a cop.?? black attitude, nigga fuck you. Stomping niggas??

I meet em treat em fuck em eazy 123
We meet em treat em fuck em eazy 123 [2x]

Now what the fuck is with the 1 punk nigga, 2 punk niggas, end em up. And get the bitch ah, whats the fucking black?? bustah, I was born a pimp, A mac-daddy and a hustler. You can take the nigga of the streets but you can't take the streets out the nigga. Once a nigga still a nigga, fucking hos and not do me, fucking steadily, I fucked your bitch (ahh) 'cause she was?? me. Your bitch in heaven but?? to me, she dropped the dough, She find out I was Eazy. she licked the balls, suck the dick I came heavenly (ooh get me ready E, suck me steadily)

Why these niggas sip and??. drinking on bitch??. for the name easy niggas just play, now in my lowrider and this candy-paint. Stay on spot for the glock. Nigga think I aim, I am with a five full of five gangsta was?? big, paper drill, on the quest for mills. Now everybody say they are thugging, but when the gun blast see niggas running, I leave no witnesses

But niggas always tryna hate and they be always talking shit
But when they sober they all hestitate 'cause they don't know who they fucking with
?? real gangsta shit and tell your ho get off my dick
'Cause we gone finish of the legacy and keep the familys??

I meet em treat em fuck em eazy 123
We meet em treat em fuck em eazy 123 [2x]