"Still A Nigga" lyrics - EAZY-E

"Still A Nigga"

"Str8 off tha streetx of Compton.
Dedicated & by most suckers hated.
But I got somethin' I want you muthafuckers to know.
I really don't give a fuck." [laugh]

"Born & raised."

Niggas ain't shit in the 90's I don't trust 'em
& bitches on my dick but they ain't shit so muthafuck 'em.
Eazy knows what's up 'cause see Eazy really don't give a fuck it don't concern me if don't pertain to money or a nut.
But then again I talk to a few of my friends 9 times outta 10 'about some ends or some skins.
'Cause I'm tha type of nigga that gotta have it like a rabbit, rappin' is my hustle bustin' hoe's is a habbit.
I stab it like a true no good nigga should, I do it the way a down OG nigga would.
& now Niggas know Eric Wright ain't no buster, Another platnium cut from tha Compton
Thugsta, My name is "Eazy E".

"Eazy muthafuckin' E, A real Nigga, Born & Raised in muthafuckin' Compton.
This one is dedicated to you buster ass niggas, you know who you are.
Smoke a fat ass joint to this bitch!!! [big laugh]

I don't think I'm all this or that but I'm all me original Gangsta E A Z Y E.
Down from tha Jump now I'm endin' with tha bizya, still rollin' in my.64 on them thizangs.
Do wicked shit 'cause shit is wicked on the streets & from what my eyes see the wickedness will never cease.
Bitches on my dick & you know I'm runnin' y'all
So you just sold your soul to tha muthafuckin' devil's son in law.
Wicked as could be Eazy E got tha flow.
Leavin' a smell of death on tha row for sure (or Show).
& a hoe can't make me or break me but she can take me to a motel & work a niggas smell.
'Cause I'm "Eazy E".

"Yeah, suck on these nuts muthafucker's, Get with tha real & quit fakin' tha funk.
& oh yeah, stay off my dick. [laugh] Really doe [laughing]"

I let my demons loose when I hit tha 8 juice & I leave a trail of stiff's when I'm high off of a spliff's.
Niggas talk shit so I talk alot of shit too, Niggas want diss fuck them & they whole crew.
In fact nigga thank ya for stockin' a niggas bank up yeah
I'm livin' swell but I'm gangsta like Dresta, no not tha Doctor, physician, or the MD
Dresta's an OG. Doct. is a phony.
Only the real real still can chill with me & tha rest can't fuck with E.
'Cause I'm tha OG that'll bring you down, tha devil's son in law king of tha underground.
Good to go with tha flow that I throw givin' you more to let a muthafucker know.
That I can get wreck on tha set & make you slow 'cause yeah know I ain't a joke I'm a muthafuckin' Loc
& my name is "Eazy E".

"Eazy muthafuckin' E, but you bitches can just call me Eazy.
A real nigga from tha CPT. Kickin' ass & askin' questions later...Oh yeah, don't get smoked Loc...& I'm out...Muthafucker's. [echo

"Eazy E."

"Born & raised."