"I Love Her" lyrics - EDDY ARNOLD

"I Love Her"

The mansion that I've promised her
Is still a dream somewhere back in my mind
Someday she's gonna have it if I live that long
If God give me the time.

Although I haven't given her
The things she might have gotten from another
Oh, never once till she complains
Her faith in me remains the same and I love her.

The day when our first baby came
We both cried and felt the pain together
I passed around the cheap cigars
And braged a lot about our newborn daughter.

Now she's growing up and she's a
Sweet and loving image of her mother
Who gives me strenght to make each day
And says I know you'll find the way, and I love her.

When the world is walked away
She's the one who always stays beside me
Giving all the love she can
Reaching out with gentle hands to guide me.

In another month or two
We hope to give our little girl a brother
Without her I could never be the kind of man
She sees in me and I love her.

And I love her...