"Easy Street" lyrics - EDGAR WINTER

"Easy Street"

Saturday night at the corner café
Had me some drinks and I'm feelin' my way
Moon's on the rise and it looks like a night for romance

Shufflin' down past the local hotel
Doin' the rounds like I'm under a spell
Must be the place
Yes, I knew when she asked me to dance

I'm on easy, easy street
I'm on easy, easy street

Seein' as how I'm a regular guy
Watchin' the girls of the evening go by
Got me a chance so I'm takin' it, makin' it last

I'm on easy, easy street
I'm on easy, easy streey

So if you're feelin' like you're a lonely man
And when ever you are down and need a gentle hand
There's always easy street you know you got it planned
But just remember boy
It's only a one night stand

That's all
Think I'll make it anyway
That's where it's at
Easy street USA