"The Poor Girl's Story" lyrics - EILEN JEWELL

"The Poor Girl's Story"
(Fiddlin' John Carson)

Come and gather all around me
Listen to my teller waltz [?]
Got some good advice to give you
Lotta things you oughta know

Take a tip from one who travelled
Never start to ramble around
You're likely get wandering fever
Never want to settle down

I met a little boy in Frisco
I asked him if he had a wife
Told I was tired of rambling
I wanna settle down for life

Then I heard the whistle blowin'
I knew it was the Georgia train
I left him standin' by the railroad
I'll never see that man again

Wandered all around this country
Had to travel everywhere
Been on that old brick [?] line railroad
Never paid a nickel fare

Been from Maine to California
Ended up in Mexico
I wouldn't try to save no money
No I got nowhere to go

Listen to a poor girl's story
Listen to the things I say
I hear another train a-coming
And I'll soon be on my way

If you wanna do me a favor
Come and lay me down to die
But dig my grave beside the railroad
So I can hear the trains go by