"Flatline" lyrics - ELIZA GILKYSON


O' the exquisite agony of withdrawal it feels like some kind of voodoo curse
Push me full of pins baby or pull 'em out
I can't even tell you which is worse
Why'd he have to tempt me
I told him all about my insufferable thirst
It started out all nice and friendly
It was moving fast forward and then got jammed into reverse
Default to the flatline captain
Head me into the wind don't fill my sail
Default to the flatline captain
Take a chill pill and be still my beating heart be still

You could go up on the internet eliza but Christ are you really that desperate
For a fix or a connection lady chatterly in the chatroom surrealistic cyber bathroom
You can still come back with some kind of viral infection
You think thoughts don't build highways move mountains burn bridges
You got another think coming
Still you keep traveling sideways and winding up in these ditches
While the dispassionate clock is continually running

Course my kids and my family my shrink and my friends all say take a break for the sake of
Your overworked heart and mind give it a rest girl you're stressed you're so depressed
You're in a process it's gonna take some time
Ah but this was different he was brilliant an exile-made me laugh
Besides it had been 7 months 13 days and a very long hour
But O.K. pull up the drawbridge hand me my spinning wheel and my axe
I'll go willingly to my cell up in the tower

Guess I'll strap on the old iron belt wall off the secret garden hide away the golden key
Put up roadblocks on my highways and padlocks on my heart
It'll be complicated trying to get in touch with me
But somewhere out there in the wilderness prince androgynous
Is dragging his sorry ass around on the back of a worn down mule
Maybe by the time he gets here
He won't be a prince anymore
And I won't be such a fool such a fool
For love