"Maureen & Sam" lyrics - ELVIS COSTELLO & RUSTY

"Maureen & Sam"

Maureen and Sam will amaze you will songs
That only could come from a star
With a comical dance and a glance from afar
They're just trying to please and will be if you give them a chance

Oh my God, did you hear what they said about the way that I talk?
Hold my head in the air
The lights and the magic have faded away

Maureen and Sam will continue to smile
Though their audience mumble and stumble in the aisle
That first hello and the hasty goodbye
The backdrop is crumbling and dust is all that remains

I dare you to say that I'm cheap and I'm mean
'Cause you know that it's me holding the scene in the end
The lights and the magic have faded away

[Instrumental bridge]

Maureen and Sam never were a success
Though their picture still hangs on the dressing room wall
The glory that comes, the glory that goes

Please don't you cry and it's no use to talk
You're no longer as young as before
And as Maureen lies dying, the crowd scream for more
And the drummer still sits in the background waiting for his day to arrive