"Trapped" lyrics - EMINEM


Big Proof, rest in peace dudey, we love you,
We just wanna keep makin' you proud, heh...

My life is trapped in these lines,
That's why I'm packin these nines,
I got a rap I ain't dyin',
That's in the back of my mind,
Got a strap made of iron,
Can't relax on this grind,
Bendin over backwards for these slackers
Till I'm snappin my spine,
Natural high... I gotta focus,
On these bogus pochers,
Lookin' over my shoulder,
Proof get it poppin' like show'd a hold up,

We nothin' but soldiers!
Slow up!

This car 'n' its loaded!
Roll up!
They beef 'n' we leavin' 'em coked up!

If Em say it I spray it,
If he will it I kill it,
We kilpatrick 'n' ill it,
Yo detroit, know I can feel it,
Will at this gun on my waiste-line,
At war we don't waste time,
Blow up magic can't take a punch,
And fifty can take 9, (BLAOW!),
We got schoolcraft here at the seven-eight and dexter,
I'm up 'n' holla spendin dollas ain't feelin' no pressure,
Yes suh', ya texta' is bitch...
Bet'chya ya flinch when proof shoot up they crew
And wet ya whole clique...