"Nobody's Safe Chump" lyrics - EPMD

"Nobody's Safe Chump"
(Clifton Chase / James Cox / Edward Fletcher / Melvin Glover / Erick Sermon / Parrish Smith)

(Erick Sermon)
Ah yeah, it's the home of the microphone master, Houdini
I'm dope, some don't believe me
Unless, I stress and bust a cap from steel
Aim for the dome, show em that I'm real hardcore
The underground rapper who's wrecking
I pack a Smith and Wesson on my right section
I'm strapped, at all time, Jack
Nine mill's the gat, for a punk chump new jack
I must stay focus and keep my mind open
The world's mass confusion, there mad guns smoking
For punks trying to get respect and yearning
Mess around and catch a bad one from Erick Sermon
I'm serious, boy, but not Jermaine Jackson
I also have a 12 gauge shotgun for action
So chill, back the hell up and get a grip
Get off that, thinking that you're all that real quick
Like the Rude Boys said
It's written all over your face, punk, nobody's safe

Nobody's safe chump, so keep your doors locked[4x]

It's the hardcore rap music that make your ears ring
Droids of funk, produce a song to make my fans sing
Singing, swinging, hum along, thump my rap song
I bet I get wreck on a DL, then the P's gone
Poof, no phonebooth, cape, or tight suit
Dress in all black, black skullcap, black down goose
To hide the mossberg, word, wit the pistol grip
Squeeze em quick, so use caution wit the loose lip
'Cuz loose lips sink ships, don't be the ship to catch a nine clip
I ain't going out on some bull-
Bankshot, corner pocket, now watch me rock it
Can't mock the rap style so, boy, stop it
(So what's the name)John Doe, 'K it's a slow flow
Swift Smith, crazy, the boy's loco
Like Neon Deion Sanders, call him primetime
(It's the new style) time to get mine
'Cuz nobody's safe in the fast pace of the rap race
So keep your hoodies on and your boots laced
Now I'm out, beaming back to the boon dox
Nobody's safe chump, so keep your doors locked