"Wrapped In A Cloud" lyrics - ERIC JOHNSON

"Wrapped In A Cloud"

My history, the middle; my second is first
Footsteps to the riddle, wind and dirt
Lady Direction, she wears worn out shoes
And Mr. Attention, slips from view

I question my answers, I question myself
Landslide election, no one else
I sit on the ladder, but I'm holding the twine
To tie up the matters, to be mine

Into this shell, to complete my destiny
No one can tell
To be awake, what's ahead in front of me

Sleep on the rooftop, live in my bed
I'm rewinding, what you said
Work in the middle, my solitude fight
Somehow that decision, don't seem right

Into this shell, I secure my destiny
No one can tell
Awake the love, unfolding in front of me
Wrapped in a cloud

Inside this shell, I create my own destiny
Promise to tell
Wake to the sounds, reverberate
In front of me
Wrapped in a cloud

Someday the sapphire, its promise will sing
Meantime my direction, slips away