"Woody Knows Nothing" lyrics - ERIK DARLING

"Woody Knows Nothing"

Woody knows nothing
But peckin' on the bough.
Ah, but the sky's of blue!
Never knew till I met you
What love, O love could do, do,
Love, O love could do.

Can't you see yon turtle dove
Flies from pine to pine,
Mournin' for his own true love
As I, my dear, for mine, O mine,
As I, my dear, for mine.

Bluejay pulled a four-horse plow,
"Sparrow, why can't you?"
" 'Cause my legs is little and long,
They might get broke in two,
They might get broke in two."

Redbird sittin' on sycamore limb,
Singin' out his soul.
Big black snake crawled up that tree,
Swallowed that poor boy whole,
Swallowed that poor boy whole.

I'm but a poor little country boy,
Money have I none,
But there is silver in the moon,
Gold in the morning sun, O sun,
Gold in the morning sun.

[Repeat first verse]