"Home Is Where You Hang Yourself" lyrics - EVERY TIME I DIE

"Home Is Where You Hang Yourself"

Sign my farewell with the chimes of clock radios 7a.m. sun reveals a failed
Cherubim dangling from the rafters like a sentimental ghost floating midway
Between the curse of the sky and you this noose carries what atrophied wings
Can't don't you want me disenchanted a deader shade of sorry buried from the
Neck up in a slipknot dragging my feet through the dead air suspended a
Fallen chair length from the ground when you found me when they finally
Found me this halo fit my throat I am your contorted angel writhing at a
Loss for wings swelled tongues tell of brighter eyes a severed spine of
Better days like the deafened clicks of a blue lipped off the beat pendulum
I just wanted to be something more than enough of my God I don't think I'm
Breathing Jesus Christ when did I stop breathing oh my God I can't hear
Myself breathing this is all I know of flying my eyes set on you like stains
In memory of romance