"Host Disorder" lyrics - EVERY TIME I DIE

"Host Disorder"

My cancer came knocking
It was dressed to the nines
So I peeled back my skin and I let it come inside

But it won't leave
Though the guests have gone
No, it pours a drink and requests another song

Now it sleeps in between us
Splits and doubles in size
Apes my nuances of desertion, lust and arrogant pride

And it drags me out of my head

The plague is now empowered
The plague is now...

My cancer waved torches
Broke the lock on my door
But I was powerless to refuse it anymore

Is everyone comfortable?
Is everyone having a good time?

My friends are all vampires
Come to drain and transform
I kept the window cracked and the light on
Kept the leftovers warm

Maybe I make myself sick

Make me give a damn
And I will be with you everywhere
I will open the sky
I will follow you into hell
Kill everyone in our way

Open your heart to the snake oil peddlers