"The Coin Has A Say" lyrics - EVERY TIME I DIE

"The Coin Has A Say"
(Jordan Buckley / Keith Buckley / Daniel Davidson / Steven Micciche / Andy Williams)

I feel alright, but I'm buried alive
Nothing's healed, just covered by time
I want to pray, but I think I'm possessed
Constant cardiac arrest

I'm standing in the way again
I can't see the road ahead

I have taken too much
Once a ladder, now a crutch
When all of it is closing in
Stop fighting and hold your breath
So much self-love, so much hate
Fuck these people, fuck this place

But to an amateur set of eyes
Me and the lord look a lot alike
I might even have a brilliant shine and the strength to make it right

Unbroken, unscarred
Back ain't weak, hands ain't hard
It's the first night in town
Our first night in town

Rain comes down, bridge goes out
The same way it always did

Now that I'm yours, discover me
Now that I'm yours, unbury me
Now that I'm yours, amaze me
Go ahead and save me, go ahead

I'm standing in the way again
I can't see the road ahead
Don't take it back, you're all that I have

A new goddess emerged from the mist
And took the blade from my wrist
Don't blink back out
I will aimlessly wander this wasteland
Guided only by a sickness, not a purpose
I can't go back to what I was
Metallica without the drugs
A faith healer without the plant
There's no home for a hollow man