"Where's Exit-13?" lyrics - EXIT-13

"Where's Exit-13?"

In the underground glut you'll be lucky to find a handful of bands =
That will challenge your mind!
We're not a "just say no" campaign band or a commercial hoax,
There's no satanic fool lyrics or scatological jokes!
In this world of cliques and lies we feel out of place!
Life should be a celebration not a cutthhroat greed race!
So search stores hard my friend and maybe you'll find these elusive =
Pennsylvanians who play hardcore grind!
We are here, "where's the beer?" "I could smoke some buds!"
Congregate! Communicate! Be mellow and have fun!!!
Won't someone tell me...WHERE'S EXIT 13???
For you the listener band goals I'll outline, to develop our sound =
And to inspire minds...
To critize the stupidity of humanity at hand, and to make an honest =
Living without this movement called scene!
Scrutinize your objectives, don't let idols lead!=0BActivate common =
Sense to negate your oppression!
Don't let your persona become your obsession!!!!
Won't someone help me...WHERE'S EXIT 13???