"Island Of Dreams" lyrics - FANCY (SINGER)

"Island Of Dreams"

Ocean of sadness
Filled with tears and with eyes
Ocean of madness
Filled with age end old lies
When the tide is turning
All the ships come in again
When our hearts are burning
We're leaving if we can

Island of dreams
Love and devotion
Island of dreams
People in motion
At the end of nowhere
Very close to paradise
Island of dreams
Words of desire
Island of dreams
Moments of fire

You will see it look into my eyes
Island of dreams
Island of dreams

Mountains of sorrow
We will climb
You and I
There's no tomorrow
No reason to cry
There's a far horizon
And there's an island
Far behind
And at night you'll find it
'Cos it stands in your mind

Come with me
On a journey
Into the shadows of our world