"Seven Sins" lyrics - FANCY (SINGER)

"Seven Sins"

He came from the silent woods
Down in nowhere land
He prayed to his angry gods
With his shaking hands
When he reached the final door
He broke the seal and
Dust darkened the light
As he walked in

Seven sins, seven sins
Strikes of lightning
Don't be sorry
And tonight you'll find
The secrets in your mind
For a while

Seven sins seven sins
It's a never ending story
And the loser sometimes wins
Seven sins, seven sins

He rose to his feet again
Seven sins are go
He followed the hidden plan
How was he to know
When he left the twilight june
He knew it was
The last sin that would burn
Him in the end

And if you follow the call
Of your secret desire
Your hopes will be fulfilled
But... your soul will burn
In the fire