"4 My Man" lyrics - FANTASIA

"4 My Man"

2005 woo

Wake up in the mornin wit my man next to me, up all night like we been on that ectasy, mixed wit hennessey he got the remedy ya my nigga inta me I can't say it simpily, we take a quick b4 the hour conversation, time ta hav relation love makin' in tha basement, smack it up flip it up crush it, one minute two minute I was no question, who would ever think that I would be givin' up tha goodies, walkin' round naked in a pair of pink footies, jus like them hoes at the shows, half dressed clothes doin' whateva who knows, nah I only get freaky with him, no menaja twas not freaky wit dem, its just me and my man, yes simply me and my man

[Fantasia (chorus):]
4 my man, ill do whateva
What I feel, this love it make me do thangs, make me thangs
My man, our loves forever
What I feel, this love, it won't neva change

I'm neva insecure when we not togetha, even tho he tell me he in love wit Ciara, I'm from a new era and I bring terror to any chick who check my fella when we together, So, he treat me like his cinderella, protect me from tha storm like he muh umbrella, this fella deserve I'm a stella, he be a rockafella, not jay-z n dane but tha charm on a chain, he platinum, take a roll lick his forty, e backin? hit a stack and keep trackin ill fax them, if I can't find his ass and his ass outta gas he only gettin' one pass, okay, my man, my man and nobody elses, damn right, I hope y'all felt this, oh ladies round tha coasts, ya better get focues before you eva try to approach him

See when you in love you might have to fight, don't say you won't neva say you won't, u might get real mad wanna act all bad act up in tha street a few chicks ya gotta beat 'cause they disresepect, clockin ya man from his feets to his neck, ya gotta let 'em know that's a no no, slap 'em real slow with a right blow which eva way you go but keep it gangsta, show these bitches that ya yank em, yank 'em point blank 'em top rank em, I ride for my nigga, abd I'm happy with tha trigga, yeah how you figure, my man say it time again say my man, my man again say my man, just me and my man, simply me and my man