"Merry Christmas, Baby" lyrics - FANTASIA

"Merry Christmas, Baby"
(Lou Baxter / Johnny Moore)

Merry Christmas, baby
You sure did treat me nice
Well, merry Christmas, baby
I said you sure did treat me nice, ah, yes you did

Gave me a diamond ring for Christmas
Now I'm living in paradise

I'm feeling mighty fine
I've got good music on my radio
Oh, yeah, said I'm feeling mighty fine, baby
I've got good music on my radio
I do, I do

Well I wanna kiss you, baby
While you're standing beneath the mistletoe

Well Saint Nick came down the Chimeny
'Bout half past three
Left all these pretty presents
That you seee before me

Merry Christmas, baby
I said, you should be good to me
Ooh, yes

You know I haven't had a drink this evening, baby
But I'm lighting up, lighting the Christmas tree