"Believing It Yourself" lyrics - FARON YOUNG

"Believing It Yourself"
(Justin Tubb)

You're telling everybody that she loves you
You know she don't
You're telling everybody that she'll come back
You know she won't.

You tell the same old story
To everybody else
And pretty soon you'll start
Believeing it yourself.

I know because she put me through it too
She gets around
And you got so much pride you won't admit
She turns you down.

So you'll stick to your story
I did the same thing too
And pretty soon you'll start
Believeing that it's true.

You say you're something special in her eyes
You know you're not
A mem'ry and a lotta foolish lies
That's all you've got.

But you say that she'll come back
I know just how you feel
And pretty soon you'll start
Believeing that she will.

But you're just asking for a broken heart
When you won't end
'Cause when you start believing your own lies
That's what you'll get.

So go tell everybody
She found someobody else
And maybe soon you'll
Start believeing it yourself...