"Date Night" lyrics - FATHER JOHN MISTY

"Date Night"

Nothing surprises me much
And my hobbies include
Laughing in the dark
Do you want to go to the farm?
Do you want to go to the park?
I'll get you ice cream if you give me your card

Nothing impresses me much
I've got a great attitude
And a map to the stars
I've got your number from that sign in the lawn
I also want to vanquish evil but my mojo is gone

Come on, I bet you know most of my friends
They're some real exclusive dudes from just around the bend
They're playing demos
Oh, they're wearing Dries
I can escort you down the runway, I just joined the police...
Just right now! So you wanna be a grifter like me?
Are you hearing impaired with your own URL?
I'm the second coming
Oh, I'm the last to know
I didn't get invited but I know where to go