"Your Socks Don't Match" lyrics - FATS WALLER

"Your Socks Don't Match"

I like the dimple in your chin
I like the tricky way you grin
Still you ain't no kind of cat
(You know why don't you?)
Doggone woman, your socks don't match!

Your teeth have that pearly white
Your lips are sweet, and they pucker right
You're the kind to lift my latch
But doggone baby your socks don't match

The shoes you wear, oh they reveal your hose
Seems they've both of em are different hues
It seem to be strangers baby
Why don't you amalgamate and get them things together
I think you should introduce it to yes you gotta do them kind of things

You got the eyes, yes they're lovely blue
You're gotta find a pug nose, I'll go for that too
Though you're the best of all, yes you've the finest of all the batch, women forget it, skip it
Your socks don't match
No no your socks don't match