"Selfish Eyes" lyrics - FIT FOR A KING

"Selfish Eyes"

I slam the door in my own face again
To see if I will ever change the feeling
I separate from my body
Simply just lost in my mind
If I walk and find a stone
Break it open to find my own gold
Making riches out of nothing
There is one thing, the way it's spent
Is the challenge or we'll have nothing left.
Fill my stomach with bags of salt
Dissolve like a slug but you know it's your fault
But once my remains are on the floor
I'll blossom like a flower and become a whole
Do you love when you're breaking at the seams?
Do you love when you forget what it means?
Do you love when you have nothing?
An empty pocket doesn't hurt as much as an empty chest
So break the bread and off up
The ones you cared for and loved enough
Because you gave up your water for a fifth of gin,
You're like a sailboat with no captain or wind.