"News 4 U" lyrics - FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS

"News 4 U"
(Michael Fitzpatrick / Jeremy Ruzumna / Chris Seefried)

It's 6am, spitting grey
Don't know why
I let you treat me this way
I keep holding on
To your middle finger
But now I know
I gotta pull the trigger

I pick up the pieces
One by one
Put them back together now
And stuff 'em back in my gun

I got news for you
It's goin' down
Before you come home and tell me
That you're not angry
I'll be leavin' town

I got news

The bodies are bathing
In my backyard
There's games being played
And I'm holding the cards
The key doesn't work
The numbers been changed
Turn off the lights
And I'm lookin' for strange...ohh

J'ai des nouvelles pour toi
C'est la fin de notre histoire
Tu me brise le coeur pour la derniere fois
C'est vrai
Et maintenant, quand je me promene dans la nuit
Je regarde la lune, les etoiles et les voitures qui passe
Et je regarde tous sans toi