"Hello Melinda, Goodbye" lyrics - FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND

"Hello Melinda, Goodbye"

Hello, hello Melinda
I hung around and waited for you
This time you've gone too far,
You've closed the door
I Can't take no more!

I told you so Melinda.
I told you that you better start changin' your ways,
Runnin' 'round on me every day,
You say you're gonna change there ain't no way,
I'm leavin' even though you say you love me.

Hello Melinda!
Hello Melinda, goodbye!

I almost died Melinda
Thinkin' 'bout the time we had together
And wonderin' why you ever changed my mind,
Treatin' me unkind!

Don't you cry melinda.
There's lots of other people in the world to love you.
Lots of people to be proud of you.
I'll always think well of you,
Knowin' for just a little while you loved me

[Chorus 2x]

[Outro till end:]
Hello, hello, hello, hello Melinda