"Doomsday For The Deceiver" lyrics - FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

"Doomsday For The Deceiver"
(Eric A.K. / Eric Carlson / Jason Newsted / Kelly David Smith)


Pray heed this tale of the prince of darkness
Whom we're taught to fear from day number one
The beguiling serpent, king of the underworld
Betrayer and mocker of heaven's chosen one

Evil and wicked dreamer, creator of sins
Ultimate deceiver, longing to take you in
He promises earthly glory if you play his game
"I won't let the firebombs hurt you
Just number your head and take my name."

Belial begins his scheming, treacherous plan
Turns brother on brother, toys with the leaders of man
He creates before them illusions of broken truce
A wicked plot of deception that commanders cannot refuse

In a short time he has control
USA, Russia, chaos from pole to pole
Mankind's worst nightmare, it's too late to pray
Hold tight and take your last breath, the missiles are on their way


All over the earth the horror begins
This time there's no second chance
Firebombs, deathly flash, vapors spread so fast
In a moment the world is ash

There in the midst stands the deceiver
Bearing a brooding smile
Surrounded by his marked believers
The masses of unscarred

Evil's reign, called by the prophets
Under a darkened sky
Ghastly sins everywhere, unmarked survivors
Sacrificed as demons dance

Suddenly, the hordes are silenced
By the rumbling planned, metalbeast soon to appear
To challenge the enemy, to deal his doom
To write the devil's dirge


The scorched ground opens, the beast of metal appears
Satan and his army show no sign of fear
Across desert plains, through city streets
In the hills, evil meets defeat

Covens one by on fall by metal's hand
As the dark forces weaken
The monster rages through the battles
To confront the master of sin

As the night falls, the beasts, they meet
And the existing numbered line along the street
The air is charged with power metal
Flotzilla's eyes glow as he feeds

The clash begins, a fight till death
Such power never seen before
Thrashing jaws, slashing claws dealing the darkside's fate
The deceiver's doom this day