"Life Is A Mess" lyrics - FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

"Life Is A Mess"

No way back from here, life's so sweet
Stumble into something, keep the excitement down
Go. There's no place for insanity to race
There is no pit stop for fear
Just take a ride it's fuk'n nice outside
And your troubles will still be here
Troubles will still be here, troubles are here

Just look inside there's a scared little child
All wonder trust and happiness
Go out and play it's a fuk'n nice day
And your life will still be a mess
Life is a mess

One day we will all be in a better place
And the next we'll all be dead
One day there is riches and happiness
And the next we'll all be dead

Go ahead and march the circle young anarchy
Go ahead and join the flow
Go ahead and swing your fists in the air
With people you don't even know
I'm not here to hurt anybody
And I'm not here to fight
I'm not here to leave on a journey
I'm here to swing all night
The music gets the juices flowin'
And it's taking me away
It's only a matter of time
Till I just can't refrain
Get ready, weapons up