"The Right Girl For Me" lyrics - FRANK SINATRA

"The Right Girl For Me"

I'll hear heavenly music,
I'll hear bells start to chime,
I'll hear thunder, and I'll be struck with wonder
But I won't have to look a second time.

If her voice is a song, and her walk is a dance,
And if her laugh is warm and free
If I suddenly seem to be seeing a dream,
She's the right girl for me.

If the glow in her eyes and the light in her smile
Could charm a bird right off a tree,
I'll be charmed as a bird, and I'll know in a word,
She's the right girl for me.

She'll have a simple sweet appeal
That wins my affection.
She'll be the kind who'll make me feel
She needs my protection,
If the sight of her face and the touch of her hand,
Can make me happy as can be,
If my heart says, "Come in,"
Darling where have you been?"
She's the right girl for me,
She's the right girl for me.