FRED ASTAIRE lyrics - My One And Only Highland Fling

"My One And Only Highland Fling"

Though we're called a people of serious mind,
'Tis often we dance, 'tis often we sing.

And bein' as human as all human-kind,
We aren't superior to havin' a fling.
I'm taking the fling of a lifetime.
The fling of a husband and wife-time.

A-when I a-went romancing
I a-gave no thought to any wedding ring.
Every bonnie lassie was
My highland fling.

A-no chance was I chancing
I' a-m not the man ya dangle on a string.
I was canny waitin' for the
Real, real thing.

A-though I danced each girl in a twist and a-twirl
Ney one would do.
And I went a-my way 'til the fatal day
In the fling I was flung a-with you.

Now my heart is prancin'
A-gay as a lark and happy as a king.
The years I'll weather, in the hame on the heather,
With my one and only highland fling.
I thought you were fallin' for Andy MacPherson.

Ney, ney. He became an impossible person.
But what about you and that Connie MacKenzie?
She talked when I putted and drove me to frenzie.
But what of the lad known as Bobby MacDougal?

It pays to be thrifty, but he was too frugal.
And weren't ya daft about Megan McDerrmot?
I tasted her cooking. T'would make me a hermit.
How jealous I was of McDonald McCutcheon.

His neck had a head on, but there wasn't much in.
And what about Sandy?

His hands were too handy.
And wasn't there a Jenny?

I'm not wantin' any
I'm not wantin' any but you.

When I went a-dancin'
No special lad I was encouragin'.
Every lackly laddie was
My highland fling.

No glance I was glancin'.
Well, nothin' really worth a-mentionin'.
Hopin', watchin', waitin' for the
Real, real thing.

Though they spoke me soft in the moonlit oft',
Ney one would do.
'Til it came to pass to this lucky lass
In a fling I was flung with you.

Now my heart is prancin'.
Nothin' about ya I'd be alterin'.
The years I'll weather, in the hame on the heather,
With me one and only highland fling.