"Intro" lyrics - FROST* (ROCK)


Our name is Frost*
How do you do?
We're here today
To play for you

We've come all this way
We came on a plane
We're from the UK
Where it always rains

Apart from Nick and his beautiful locks
But he's only on loan from his friends in Spock's
To join us in Frost*

To play some songs (Frost* songs)
That is why we are here (that is why we are here)
Although we plan
To also drink your beer

We're full of excitement
We're full of glee
Except for Dec
Who thinks he needs a pee...

The boys are ready
They're ready to go (never more so)
Even that nice
Mr. D'Virgilio

So ladies and gents, it's finally time
To welcome on stage in an orderly line

John, John, Jem, Dec and Nick...

Wonderful Frost*!
Glorious Frost*!
W-O-N-D-R-E-F-U-L Frost*!