"Room For One More, Honey" lyrics - GAME THEORY

"Room For One More, Honey"

Flying in over Asia low
Not the one that we think we know
Will it be a better life?
Will they understand a word?
But the catch phrases
There when we go
Will be the likes of
"Elegance of line"
And "sense of place"
And room for one more
I never know
I don't think so
Well all the better
We can leave behind
Everything we know
And we'll all get in line
It's called "this old continent"
All we see out across the land
All exists out of our demand
Will it be our new America?
And can we invent its history?
Well that's what
The brochures would imply
And we'll have
Elegance of line
And sense of place
And room for one more
Always one more
And we'll all get in line
We can say we tried
Well I've been wondering
If anyone back home
Is on our side
We'll know our ride