"Showtime, Valentine" lyrics - GANG OF FOUR

"Showtime, Valentine"

HOTEL flash, shadows mash grey and black to white
40 watt bulb has shot out it's last light
Sirens uncoil the sound of the nighttime
Got no smoke and drunk the wine

Cable's on Porno 1 - sound off - lips are red
Silent stud pumping between her legs
Through the wall a talkshow's bleeding into my brain
People laugh at what they are saying

Showtime, Valentine

Not the face - waste of space - freezeframe
Fucking, see -
On command in her hand seed spills free
I am remote, in control behind my eyes
Zap the screen and the picture dies

I got to feel, have to steal something real instead
Got no power, every hour gold turns to lead
I can hear a roach that's scratching under my bed
I rule the world and crush it dead

Showtime, Valentine

I found my distance
Locked out the other
Shat on your doorstep
The unknown soldier
I'm a showtime, valentine
This is showtime, valentine
I will not walk
Don't need the day
I am the sun king of all I survey

Now it's showtime, every day
Now it's showtime, every day