"The Dying Rays (2020)" lyrics - GANG OF FOUR

"The Dying Rays (2020)"

[Verse 1: Herbert Gronemeyer]
Stop the seconds flow
Oh, I'm too late
I'm back where I began at the start
I'm caught in the wake
I'll have my due and drag the rock up the hill
Nothing to lose that's not been lost
I wish the sun anchored still

[Chorus: Herbert Gronemeyer]
What I wanted disappears in the haze
A speck of dust held forever in the dying rays

[Verse 2: Herbert Gronemeyer]
Breath on the mirror; nothing inside
The horizon's bare, but in the night, I miss the pilot's light

[Chorus: Herbert Gronemeyer & Gang Of Four]
Control and power, empires were built in our minds
But it will all go up in a blaze; only dust in the dying rays