"Blak And Blue (Remix)" lyrics - GARY CLARK JR.

"Blak And Blue (Remix)"

[Intro: Big KRIT]
What's good, get rid of them for the people
Black and blue remix, let's go shawty

[Verse 1: Gary Clark Jr]
When you're feeling down and out
When you're feeling black and blue
You should feel like you can come to me
And I'll tell you the truth

Yet somewhere we got twisted
How do we get lifted?
How did we not go insane?

For so long we've existed
Still we are resisted
Why is it we still remain?

Black and blue, yeah
Black, black and blue
Oh no, don't leave me
Black and blue, yeah
Black, black and blue
Oh no, don't leave me

[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
Knockin' on your door again, I heard you across the hall
Decided to provide you with knowledge that might just pause
Decisions to up and go, I know what you're going through
No need to be shy about it, ain't none of us brand new
Don't let the world brand you and hand you no ass whoopin'
You gotta knuckle up, knuck and buck, shake your dreads
Ain't talking about the club save your dub make your bread
Pursue your dreams, stay clean, don't have no stanky leg
Because they don't really dance no more
If you ain't down for the 'cause what you standin' for
We need an antidote, for all this hate
To people that relate, keep doing what it takes
Not to be black and blue


[Verse 3: Gary Clark Jr]
They say you get just what you paid for
And that you reap just what you sow
So, you won't get everything you pray for
Surprises me that you don't know, by now

I need something to hold on to
While the world is spinning 'round and 'round
It could crumble any moment
I keep my feet on solid ground, for now