"I'm Losing You" lyrics - GARY PUCKETT AND THE UNION GAP

"I'm Losing You"

I try so hard, but I can't gain ground
To bring back a love that's crumpling down
There's so little time and I search my mind
To think of new ways of amusing you
I'm losing you

I wake up each day and wear a new face
And make conversation that might suit your taste
Then I mention a few of the good times we knew
But each thing I say is accusing you
I'm losing you

I'll be anything that you want me to be
Like clay in your hands you can mold me
So bring back your love
'Cause I find it so hard
To accept what your eyes have told me

I whisper, "I love you"
And get no reply
And each time you kiss me
It feels like goodbye
Though it's hard to believe
You want me to leave
What good can I do by refusing to?
I'm losing you

What good can I do?
I'm losing you