"Hard As Steel" lyrics - GEORGE CLINTON

"Hard As Steel"

You can't Silly Putty mold her in the pot
Or play her like PlayDough
'Cuz she gon' say "No"
She like it hard
Hard as a rock
Hard as steel and still getting harder

Her shit's got a heavy metal hard-on
Pussy posse pumped to get its throb on
Eardrum bashin' sounds come crashin' down
From the dance band on the band stand
To the dance floor
Hard up for more

And when she's through
Off with the dude she gave the back stage pass to
No itsy-bitsy, pee-wee penis type of pecker poker pusher ever penetrating the pussy
She like em' hung, young
A yard of tongue
Always giving a five for a job well done

We rockin' up a rock star's shit
You can miss her with the faking-the-funk kind of pop star shit
She ain't wit' it

Rockin you between a funk and a hard place
In between the place you are and the place you wish to be placed
Funk 'em just to see the look on their face
Left to right face
About face...and etcetera!

Hump, bump, chump with a pump that's hard to keep up with-
Rock hard-
If it ain't as hard as its gonna get-

-Put your foot on the rock-
-Let me see whatcha got-
-If it's somethin' hard-
-A few inches to a yard-