"Synthesizer" lyrics - GEORGE CLINTON


Everybody's got opinions
On the way you're livin'
But see, they can't fill your shoes

Life is made of half illusions (illusions)
Blue modems and confusion (confusion)
Whatever's left I'm using to keep myself from losin', yeah

You don't know what I've been through (oooh)
Hell, I might go through you (ghetto boy that won't eat tonight)
Uh oh, oh no, oh (that little boy just wanna eat tonight)
Hey hey (he scuffles with her booty and her face)
Hey hey and mmm (mom, I'm seekin' that sir tea and some soup, yeah)
All in all, it's all in my head

You know it's that high guy, from East P.I.
Spittin' the realness of reality, you mad at me?
Boi how you gon handle me?
You want me to lolligag and talk that bullshit?
I refuse to play, so I'm gon' speak that southern good shit

That harder than yo hood shit, li'l shit
That make y'all niggaz think about the trigger before you pull it
On liquor stores or banks, them folks got more then enough
Bullets to put that ass off in the slang, don't claim no gang
We the niggaz that did "that aint no thing but a chicken wang"

But still though
How you gon' play a nigga like dildo?
We OutKast till it's over
Barbeque and never mildo, for real bro

"In tonight's news, twentieth century technology.
Has the computer age, scientists and doctors gone too far?
Einstein or Frankenstein?
Dr. Scholl's or Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde?
Are we digging into new ground or digging our own graves?
Story at 11:00."

Valley girls are horny tonight (ooh)
Fuzzy logic, their pubic virginity (ooh)
Ooh, ooh, ooh (synthesizer)
Ooh, ooh, ooh (synthesizer)

Concieved under the influence of toxic wasted doctors
Computer buggin' debuggin' device-a
And vice versa and various viruses
Performing with laser light precision and verbal incision

For a lingustic ballistic lobotmy
Mind-fuckin' you, a psycho-sodomy of the medula oblongata
Accept your mind down your spine and out your behind
Fuck you

Synthesizer, microwave me
Give me a drug so I can make seven babies
Pump my breasts up, can you suck the fat up?
Please make my life appear like ain't no thing as bad luck

My nose ain't right, think I'll get a new one
Just take your pick, a yellow, red, a black or a blue one
Virtual reality, virtual bullshit
Synthesizer preachers can reach you up in the pulpit

Who a bitch? give me my gat so I can smoke this nigga
Tell his mama not to cry, 'cause they can clone him quicker
Than it took his daddy to make him, niggaz bitin' verbatim
Thought provokin' records, radio never played them

Instant, quick grits, new, improved
Hurry hurry, rush rush, world on the move
Marijuana illegal but cigarettes cool
I might look kinda funny but I ain't no fool

Now if you wanna synthesize, I empathize
Now if you wanna synthesize, I empathize
But if you synthesize, I will understand
Your synthesizer man

Ghetto boy horny tonight
SCSI with a booty in the cage
Problem sinkin' down and stretchin' out
So sleepy, playin' safe in cyberspace

Cybersexy Wendy (synthesizer)
Web-walkin' in the nude
Digital good time, digital good time
Get a lapdance on your laptop
While your laptops in your lap
Digital good time, digital good time
Digital good time, digital good time
Cybersexy Wendy, web walkin in the nude
Digital good time, digital good time
Digital good time, digital good time
Fuzzy logic, it's groovy