"The Show's Almost Over" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"The Show's Almost Over"

He walked up to the bandstand and asked me could an old man sit in,
Across his face I saw the pain and felt it in these words I heard him sing.
I can't believe what I see looking back through the years,
So many left over scars from a dreamers career.
I stole from the good life and now it wants payment from me;
I've nothing but memories and little to give back you see.

Now the show's almost over, let me sing one more song,
Lord the world sure looks lonely when the crowd's almost gone.
So children please listen, but don't sing along 'cause the
Mountains we're meeting and the meaning's all wrong.

He said on my way up I didn't want my little woman along,
I was just too busy maybe from the fame that I'd found.
Now the circus is over, somebody please tell the clown,
And darling please forgive me, I'm sorry for letting you down.


And the show's almost over.