"Overnight Male" lyrics - GEORGE STRAIT

"Overnight Male"

Let me be your mailman and I'll always come through.
There's no denyin', come rain or shine, I'll deliver my love to you.
I do things by the letter, you can put your stamp on me
'Cause there ain't nobody better for a special delivery.

Like a pony express in the wild, wild west, I'll ride hard all night long.
And I can saddle up fast, get you there first class long before the dawn.
You know your mail's gonna get to you come snow, rain, sleet or hail
'Cause I'm a top flight, hold-you-tight,
Get-you-there-by-daylight, do-you-right overnight male.

I know your heart is fragile, so I'll handle it with care.
There ain't no doubt, I know love's route, so baby let me take you there.
I'll bring you cards and flowers, but I know just what you need.
Just give me 24-hours satisfaction guarantee.


Yeah I'm a top flight, hold you tight,
Get you there by daylight, do you right overnight male.