"That's Me (Every Chance I Get)" lyrics - GEORGE STRAIT

"That's Me (Every Chance I Get)"

Picture a fella with his boots shined up
A new coat of clean on his pick-up truck.
Ringin' your doorbell, thinkin' 'bout love.
Hey honey that's me.

That's me with a capital "M", that's me ten times ten
I ain't worked up my courage yet, but that's me every chance I get.

Picture a fella at a picture show,
His arm around you in the very last row
Stealin' a kiss as the credits roll.
Yeah honey that's me.


I never dealt with such a big deal
How to tell you how I feel
I'd be your fella in nothin' flat
Honey just picture that.


That's me every chance I get,
Honey that's me every chance I get.