"Demon Driver" lyrics - GILLAN

"Demon Driver"

If you see me in my car under control
Look past my eyes
You'll be surprised
Inside this civilized master
There lies a human disaster

You'll see me in the sky keeping control
Avoid my eye
Or you will die
Your lives have been unread
Now you obey the undead

Stand down out of my way
Blue smoke turns you away
I'm trapped here in this tomb
Hell fire here in this womb this earth
I'm the Demon Driver sole survivor

Go to the right go to the left out of my sight
Turn to the east turn to the west turn out your lights

Goodbye mercy happy healthy sunshine heroes
Hello sleepless tortured bodies mental zeroes
Goodbye woman warm as nature laughing living
Hello person colder stranger unforgiving

If you see me in your mind taking control
Release your soul
I'll make you whole
I am the Demon Driver
I am the Demon Driver

Look you millions in line
Eyes up look for a sign
I'm out of this line
Blues smoke leaves you behind
I'm the Demon Driver sole survivor

Close up your hands close up your mouth you've nothing to say
Head for the North head for the South just go away

Goodbye habit boring Sunday Monday slow death
Hello freedom faster freeways clean air sweet breath
Goodbye routine obligation sphincter lotion
Hello mountains trees and deserts sky and ocean