"Unchain Your Brain" lyrics - GILLAN

"Unchain Your Brain"

You tell me what you're never gonna be
And I'll show you what you just can't see
If you want good living gotta grab it with your hands
If you don't, then don't bother making no plans
Free being what you want to be
Seeing what you want to see

Unchain your brain

You won't get nothing if you got no wheels
If you got no wheels you'll never know how it feels
There's no reason for the things you said
If you don't get moving you'll pretty soon be dead
Dead and forgotten
Free living the life of a king
You can have everything

Unchain your brain

Everybody fighting for a living in the street
One step back and you're out of the heat
There's just one thing when you set yorself free
You have a good time boy, but watch out for me