"The Song Is Still Here" lyrics - GLEN PHILLIPS

"The Song Is Still Here"

You always aimed for the top of the game, that's where you ended up
You owed a lot to the work you did, you owed a little more to luck
Didn't want to be no one-hit wonder
Lightning strikes quick, you can hear the thunder
For miles and miles, echoes across the years
The fire is gone but the spark is still here

Hey man, I could a friend, I'm thinking you could hook me up
I'm having trouble with the band I'm in, having trouble with love
I had an endless summer, but now it's autumn
My cup was running over, now it's got a crack in the bottom
It drips down like tears
The well's gone dry but the thirst is still here

I don't blame you for doing good, I don't hate you much
You didn't knock anybody down, you just had the touch
So what the hell, I wish you well
Hard candy, soft sell, that's the way of the world
Don't wanna be no small-town crier
Devil loves a dreamer, but God loves a trier

I'm trying to make it clear
Well the crowd's gone home but the song is still here
The show is over but the song is still here
The music's stopped but the song is still here