"Train Wreck" lyrics - GLEN PHILLIPS

"Train Wreck"
(G. Phillips)

She looked just like a train wreck
That could've been avoided
In a third-world country
By a long stretch of farmland
Where the waters had run high
And washed the topsoil down the river
So that next year there would be no crops

She was as desperate as a salesman
At a company that's folding
But they haven't told the staff yet
That they're bankrupt and backordered
And they're funneling the pensions
To the CEO's back pocket
So in one week they'll have nothing

I miss you, girl
I hope you're fine
Good luck, love
Or goodbye

She's the girl from central casting
Always played the sweet, young orphan
Or the hooker with the heart of gold
But she got her SAG card pulled
And turns tricks now on Cahuenga
She tells herself it's research
For her next and greatest role


She calls you up
Just to hear you say she's fine
Then she's gone away
And you know there's only one more time
You'll hear about her again

Well, it's life informing art
Informing life again
Like every stupid kid
That thinks that they're the first in pain
The first to rip themselves apart
The first to try and live without a heart


I want to see your face
Even hear your lies
Good luck, girl
Or goodbye