"True" lyrics - GLEN PHILLIPS

(Phillips, Wilson)

So how, how did I lose the thread?
When you reeled it in again
I could be caught on that line
Spending my time swimming with you
Your love is often unkind, bitter and blind
Sometimes casually cruel

But it's true
But it's true

You give more than you would ever take
Forgive the mess I leave in my wake
I'm inconsistent at best
Never at rest, ever the fool
I'm always stumbling around knocking things down
But whatever else I do

I'll be true
I'll be true
I'll be true

You're in and out of my hands
Slipping like sand, passing like time
Your love is brutally bold, careless and cold
But it's mine, mine
I won't tell you a lie, so be careful what you ask me
I don't care, I don't mind if you never understand me
Every day, every night I can promise you
I can promise you

I'll be true
I'll be true