"Before The Ship Goes Down" lyrics - GLENN FREY

"Before The Ship Goes Down"

This might be my last party, might be my last night
So come on pretty baby let's do it right
Let's fill up the wagon, let's go down town
Let's find all our old buddies,
Before the ship goes down

Hey let's throw a party, way into the night
I wanna play the blues 'til the morning light
One thing I know baby, the brass ring's comin around
Let's grab it one more time
Before the ship goes down

There's no tomorrow we all know that
So grab your coat, put on your hat
It's one for the money and two for the show
Your time is up are you ready to go?

I don't wanna argue, I don't wanna fight
I just wanna go dancin' with you tonight
See everybody happy everybody have another round
Let's sing that song one more time
Before the ship goes down

The water's rough it's a stormy sea
Before you know it we'll be history
This is it, so light me up
Come on baby fill my lovin' cup

If Somebody told you this was your last night
Wouldn't you want somebody to treat you right
Throw you a party, take you for a ride downtown
And be with all your old friends,
Before the ship goes down
So love me one more time,
Before the ship goes down