"High Road" lyrics - GLENN HUGHES

"High Road"

What's the matter friend
Open up your mind again
You're so frustrated
And you cannot decide
You can float away
Get upon a tidal wave
Now let it take you to the freedom inside
Why don't you take a trip
Don't you wanna get a grip
I just wanna get a message to you
We can leave today
We can motor anyway
So give it me
Let me make up your mind
And I've know that you've been looking for a new direction
So leave it to me
Let me tell you what I'm gonna do

I said
Children get out on the high road
Every kinda people
Now don't you wanna ride with me
I won't let you down
Get yourself back on the ground
You're dehydrated
And it's so hard to breathe
You don't need a pill
Somethin' that you wanna kill
So let me take you to the freedom inside