"Son (We've Kept The Room Just The Way You Left It)" lyrics - GOLDEN SMOG

"Son (We've Kept The Room Just The Way You Left It)"

Hello mom, I'm fine
Where the sun is dying
How's the weather 'round my old hometown

You see no worry about my living
Say that all's forgiven
What's lost is bound to be fo)und

I hope you don't expect to see me
'Cause you know I'm very far away
You know I really miss you
But a man's got to make it on his own someday

Soon she sends him greetings
'Bout the school civic meetings
Says she's doing well in her cell

Yeah, her brother won a race now
And he's proud to show his face now
On the corner scene and his paper doll dreams

And me, I guess I'm living
Taking what's for the living
Oh mom, you do know how
I really wish you could see what's on my mind, yeah

Yeah, I guess it's kinda lonely
And I've been uptight for money
But I'll make it on my own, staying high

You seem upset about the drugs and music
Yes, I've finally found my way
It's my way, gonna get to freedom
You failed with me

Someday you'll understand all this
Just what it is I mean to say
Just don't try to love me
I don't want to see you hurt this way

Guess I'll be a goin'
Makes a guy afraid he's blowin'
That's how money kills, somewhere

Mom, I cannot mail this
And let you know I've failed
It's just not right somehow, oh no

I rather let you think I'm dead
Then hung on drugs instead
I'm dying anyhow and it's too late now

I guess there's a moral somewhere
But I can't seem to think just now
If I had to do it over
I guess I'd try change the trial somehow

Lord it's really hell
When you're living in a pell
And nothings like it seems
In a cocaine dream