"Waving" lyrics - GONG


You ask me what
Makes anger
You ask me why we
You ask me how to
Kill a fire or turn
Another page
You ask me what
Makes lightning
Strike or
Why the rain brings
What burns a nation
Down to sand
Why war spills so
Much blood

And just for a
I thought you saw
Me wave
But you were
Looking the other

You ask me how I
Taught myself to
Turn the force
Look fear & anger in
The eyes & turn it
Into sound
You ask if I can ride
The wave of
Dangerous emotion
And if bitter
Are the measure of
My passion

And just for a
I thought I caught
Your eye
But you were
Turning the other

When you were a
Young one you took
The road you
Wanted you didn't
Live to compromise
You took the world
In with yr eyes & cut
Yr portion down to

Size & as you grew
We always knew
That yoo were not
For turning

But when you take
This path in life
Remember that you
Light the fire you
Burn in.