"Girl Right Next To Me (Live Acoustic)" lyrics - GOO GOO DOLLS

"Girl Right Next To Me (Live Acoustic)"

You changed my face
I think I like it better now
It doesn't matter anyhow
Because that's the way it is
You said hello
Where the hell you been?
I said I feel like I been off to war
And I may never be the same again
I made my bed, but now I can't sleep at night
Because you're tossing and turning, you know, you know it ain't right
I'd love to beg, see, but I'm just too proud
And I don't even know what to say, so I'm thinking out loud

And when you dream, seventeen
I ain't there, so I don't care
Because in all my dreams, I'm twenty-three
And she's the girl right next to me
See that girl right next to me

I lie in my bed, you're running through my head
Going over and over and over the things that you said
I'm caught in the trap, I'd run like hell right back to you
Because I'm sober with you and you know it beats drinking alone

[Chorus 2x]